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National Room Choice Listing Platform

Properties have a few fundamental assets. A few include their physical location and amenities, and another huge asset is their current residents. We're extending the value of your reach by moving roommate matching up higher and higher. Now a student looking for housing can begin their search by selecting a college. They will then build out their verified profile which includes our personality test and roommate matching tools. Your participating current residents who are looking for a roommate will be able to chat, communicate and connect! We're excited about the opportunity for new tenants to enhance their relationship with your community by adding trusted friends and roommates via roommate matching (even before they sign a lease). With real-time bed selection, they'll be excited to apply and sign! Your Room Choice property listing will extend the value of your renewal and renewal transfer base as they find great roommates and help bring more and more tenants to the property.


As we build up our scale of quality student housing locations around the nation we're constantly looking for ways to help good students and managers connect. Students need a source of vetted, verified, and responsible student housing locations. Managers need a constant flow of new tenants in the very cyclical student housing space. We see these two needs merging with our new Room Choice listing site. We reference sites like Airbnb, VRBO, and others in this effort. These are platforms that help build trust for a verified and safe transaction. Students have the confidence to buy with verified photos, reviews, and feedback. Managers can set approved application standards and accept tenants and similarly verify that they meet the contracting standards.


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