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Room Choice Bill Pay

Let Room Choice print and mail your checks! You have a lot of bills to pay and Room Choice Bill Pay is here to help. Create a payable, approve it, and click send. That's it, you're done! Once approved a branded check is being shipped off. Room Choice automates the entire process. Imagine doing deposit accounting for hundreds students in a matter of minutes. Forget about how challenging that process used to be. It's now easier and more powerful than ever. The Room Choice move out workflow creates the payable and an approved admin user can review and send in minutes. Improve your customer service with mail tracking as well.

Room Choice Payables

Checks are secure and branded

With Room Choice, you can set up delivery of customized checks that reinforce your brand. In addition to a logo and memo, include instructions, invoice information, and more to make payments as clear as possible.

State-of-the-Art Security

Our partner has delivered over $70M in payments with secure checks. Each check is sent with a colored background, watermarks, micro-printed borders, thermal ink that disappears when rubbed, and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) encoding to facilitate bank processing and reduce errors.

Trackable Check Delivery

There's no need to wonder if your checks have been printed or delivered. With Room Choice, you can track their progress through the mail and make sure each check makes it way to its intended recipient, at no additional cost.


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