Instagram Walls for Student Housing

Updated: May 24, 2018

Instagram worthy walls create a natural way for students to promote and share! Student housing locations around the nation are adding Instagram walls. We're talking physical locations that are so awesome that people stop and take photos. We'll also touch on a few ways that you can add these to your sites and marketing efforts.

Instagram Wall Ideas for Student Housing

First. Build it!

Create something fun and unique. Your wall will incorporate your brand. Imagine a large marketing event or dances for students with a photo booth and branded background. Part of the party includes amazing branded photos! These images flooded the social media networks around our events. Large events are great but we're seeing similar results with consistent, weekly post from Instagram Walls.

Student Housing Instagram Wall Ideas

Second. Promote it!

Want social proof? Hundreds of photos circulating social media and your website taken by your students will get you started. Pull in and post all the images you can. Repost them, comment on them, and give prizes. If you want to these add images to your website use a service like or (there are a lot of others out there). These simple plugins allow you to run campaigns, add social media post and pull them into your website.

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