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Utility Billing Services

Turn utilities into amenities. There's a balance in student housing. We have individual liability leasing but shared utilities. How do you balance those? Some properties ask tenants to work it out. They play the rock, paper, scissors game with a roommate to see who wins (or should we say loses) and gets to slap down a deposit with the local utility provider. What a challenge! Outside of collecting from roommates, many times the billing cycles don't align directly with their lease. What's the solution? Room Choice Utility Billing Services.

Utility Billing Services
Utility Billing Services

With Room Choice Utility Billing Services for student housing, the property maintains all bills under a master account. Our team then tracks, sub-meters, or applies a RUBS calculation to correctly charge the student for their pro-rata use of utilities. This is based on share based on their tenancy and your cam reconciliation. These utility amounts are then conveniently posted to their individual ledgers which is know as convergent billing. No more shared bills and roommate battles!

How do you make this work? Properties typically charge a service or transaction fee for this service. We see service fees anywhere from $3-$10 per user per month. This small service fee protects the property from abuse and covers losses incurred if students don't pay. No longer is the a student asked to pay a deposit with an outside utility provider or risk paying for all their utilities if their roommate skips.

Room Choice Utility Billing Services manages all billing starting at $3.00 per bed per month. Turn your utilities into an amenity with Room Choice Utility Billing. Chat with our solution or sales team and convert your utilities into an amenity today!


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