Social Leasing

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Would you like help? What if we turned almost every student into a leasing agent? Give your students the tools they need to reserve beds for their friends. Social Leasing by Room Choice encourages the influencer, the organizer, and the proactive user to reserve beds for their friends. These reservations come to the property as a lead but also hold off a bed for their invited friend. Friends have a dashboard to see who their roommates are and can send reminders to those that haven't completed their reservations. If you've ever been asked really hard questions like "who are my roommates?" or "has my friend signed yet?" you'll appreciate this new tool. With Room Choice, students see in real-time, who they are with and can encourage and support their friends sign up!

Room Choice Social Leasing

Room Choice Social Leasing Invitation

Room Choice Social Leasing Friend Dashboard

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