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Online Leasing

Let your students lease online and select their roommates, bed, and other preferences. So when we say online leasing we mean it. We're not saying an online application or form. We're saying the student will select their room, bed, roommate, fill out an application, sign a lease, and pay. Think of it like buying shoes on Amazon, or even better, an airline ticket where you select your preferences and a seat! That's what we're doing for student housing. We build out the entire leasing package and walk the student through it all in just a few minutes. When done they've completed everything from signup to verification reports and you as the manager have a completed packet, ready for review and approval. Our goal with Room Choice has been to serve both the student and manager. We do this by providing the needed tools and solutions that answer all the questions along the way. When students have confidence in their purchase they'll be more willing to make the reservation.

Room Choice Online Leasing
Room Choice Online Leasing


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