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We've built one of the best and most integrated A/R modules. As users select their bed and preferences, their contract rates post to their account. When managers approve a reservation those charges post to their effective dates. What does this mean? It means that every student account is set-up and audited from the reservation. Never again will managers need to worry about bulk move-outs or move-ins. Our tenant-based accounting system solves it all. Students can log in and see their current and future balances at any time. Do you have payment plans or installments that are due two, four, or six months before move-in? No problem, once they have an approved reservation they can pay.

Additionally, most reports are a click a way. Run a cash variance report, balance report, payment report and many others in a few seconds. Welcome to integrated Accounting and Payments.

Room Choice Accounting and Reports
Room Choice Accounting and Reports

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