Maintenance is Your New Leasing Team!

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

As properties move more and more online students may come and go without seeing the front desk or leasing office. That used to sound crazy! But as we automate leasing, room selection, roommate matching, online maintenance request, and payments there's not much left in that leasing office. This is an amazingly effective shift but there's a risk to your reputation. Now, more than ever the most visual part of your team may be your maintenance.

Maintenance is Your New Leasing Team!

Looking at maintenance with the eyes of leasing and sales may change a few things. How do we knock? How do we address tenants? Do our uniforms support all that we are trying to accomplish? Does our maintenance team lead to referrals, new leasing, and overall rent growth?

Bring your maintenance into sales and service training meetings. Make sure that they properly reflect your brand and leasing goals in all ways. Again, chances are that your maintenance team may be the most visual part of your staff.

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