Large Student Leasing Events!

Updated: May 24, 2018

From renting out the entire theater to holding large dances. Booking a theater is great for a lot of reasons but we like the fact that instead of playing previews you have a captive audience to grab the stage and pitch your audience. Get them all in a room and looking at you. You can play a recorded commercial (i.e. make your own movie preview or commercial) or just grab the mic and address the crowd.

Room Choice Large Leasing Event Ideas - Movie Theater

Large parking structures also lend themselves to great 'underground' events like dances. Clear out the cars for a night and hire a popular DJ as you welcome students back, hold a Halloween costume party, or celebrate the big game!

Room Choice Large Leasing Event Ideas - Parking Garage Events

Correctly run, large events push your social media presence and flood your market with amazing images. Let us know what events and ideas are working for you! Send us an email or comment below!

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