Pricing and Reservation Fees

Updated: May 24, 2018

We call it Nearly Free! We charge a one-time implementation fee and work closely with your team to systematize your leasing workflow and business logic. This is where we build-in the automation! Once up and running we support, train, and teach your unlimited users at no additional cost to you! Imagine, a fully-automated solution without any monthly ongoing cost.

To help operate and maintain the Room Choice platform, we charge a reservation fee. This fee is typically collected with the reservation and deposit payment and is payable when the reservation is submitted.

Room Choice Pricing and Reservation Fees
Room Choice Pricing and Reservation Fees

What is the reservation fee?

The Reservation Fee is a small fee charged with each reservation. This fee helps operate and maintain the Room Choice platform.

Who pays the fee?

The fee is typically paid by the incoming tenant. Some properties will cover the reservation fee from time to time, or during leasing promotions.

How much is this fee?

The reservation fee is based on the selected features and packages of the Room Choice platform and is generally between $35.00 - $65.00.

Is this a one-time fee?

The fee is charged once per contract. If a tenant renews or signs a new contract, a new reservation fee is applied.

Are there any other fees to use the platform?

There is a one-time implementation fee. This is charged on a per bed total. The fee is $7.50 per bed. This fee is paid by the property before implementation.