Agile & Custom

Updated: May 24, 2018

Have ideas? Expand your platform with our custom development solutions. We work hard to build with the best teams and clients in the student housing space. If you have an idea let us know what you are trying to accomplish.

Room Choice Tenant Profile on MacBook
Room Choice Tenant Profile on MacBook

Our development process is generally agile and iterative, which is common in modern competent development teams. From a high level, this means:

  • we release constantly, i.e. daily, rather than having a slow and protracted release cycle

  • we collaborate with our clients and users on a daily basis to develop our priorities, and we will, in general, try to align our level of urgency to the level of urgency described by our clients

  • our planning is 'adaptive' rather than 'predictive'

  • our testing occurs during our daily development cycles rather than as a separate phase of a longer cycle

This development methodology is part of the value that we provide to our clients, as we are able to increase the amount of value we provide to clients over time - and relatively quickly. Ready to expand and build? Let us help you develop, build, and support your custom student housing software solutions.